Q&A with Bruce Driver

Bruce_DriverIn case you missed it, the Devils aired a great question and answer session on Spreecast with Bruce Driver! This was the first in a series featuring our alumni, hosted by Seth Everett.

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about our team history and interact with our alumni, then you won’t be disappointed if you can log on for one of these sessions.

I was at work when this session aired, but luckily the entire video is still available. I had no idea what to expect while watching the replay, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I learned from Seth and Bruce. Seth had his own set of questions and anecdotes of course, but the floor was also opened to Twitter followers, Facebook users and fans logged in to Spreecast for questions.

Bruce answered everything about what he is doing for our organization now, what his relationship with Lou is like, what he did with the Stanley Cup in 1995, who his favorite fellow NHL player he ever played with is AND a question burning in the back of everyone’s minds…WHY did he ever go to the Rangers?!

That’s just a small sampling of the questions that were answered in this fifty minute interview. So, if you missed it, go watch the video! Not only will you enjoy what Bruce has to say, but it will also leave you eagerly waiting for the next webcast in the series. Next time, I’m hoping I have the day off so I can join in and ask questions! All of the webcasts will be hosted on the Devils’ website, so check there to find the links for future broadcasts.


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