Help The Devils Choose Their New Goal Song!

New Jersey Devils Goal Song

Hey Devils fans! Want a chance to help your team choose their new goal song? The Devils have released an official statement, stating they are currently holding an online contest to choose the new song that’ll be played when your team scores at the Prudential Center. Entries will be accepted from now until October 27. The winning goal song will be debuted on November 2 against our Metropolitan Division rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers. Fans can submit original songs, or published songs recorded by a popular artist, such as “Hells Bells” by AC/DC. Official contest rules can be found here.

The Devils ownership crew has left it up to the fans to decide the new goal song, something nearly unprecedented in the sports world. While the team could have very easily chosen to leave the fans out of the decision process, they’re making it clear that your opinion matters and want you to have a voice in this matter. The Devils want to have an image of class, dignity, and respect, with this image being portrayed on the ice, in the stands, and in their main offices, and they’re letting us take the first step in that direction. Rock & Roll Part 2 will not be returning this season, and while we understand fans are upset at the old goal song’s departure, this is a great opportunity for the Devils and their fans and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

So, what do you want to see in a new goal song for your New Jersey Devils? It obviously has to be something energetic, something that will keep the fans cheering long after the goal has been scored. It should also be something interactive for the fans, something they can sing or cheer along with. If you think you’ve got a good suggestion for the next Devils goal song, head on over to the Devils’ website and submit it!

During the coming days, we’ll be submitting and previewing different songs from some of the Generals that will give some opinions on the direction we feel the franchise should go with their new song. We look forward to hearing your feedback on our choices, seeing suggestions of your own, and hearing a new goal song come November 2.


About Rudy Adametz

Currently blogging for the Devils Army Generals, doing things like Game Previews & Recaps, as well as miscellaneous New Jersey Devils news. I've been a Devils fan my whole life and being able to contribute to the team like this is something I take a lot of pride in.

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