Making The Case For A New Goal Song (Vol. 1)

So the Devils organization has decided to let the fans choose the next goal song.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to let your voice heard (AGAIN!) and choose what YOU fans want to yell, cheer, sing along to, etc.  Now there are a lot of good choices out there.  So how do you pick and choose what is the right one?

Well your good friend Tim has the answer for you.  I have cut the Devils goal horn with numerous songs that I have seen mentioned on social media and message boards and also taken a few suggestions from my own brain.  Some you may find good. Some you may find terrible.  It’s all subjective.  But over the next few days I will be singling out a few of these songs and stating my case for why a certain song works.

Now when I’m not blogging for all of you fine folks out here on the intertubes, I have a career in music licensing.  You know those songs that you hear in TV shows, movies, commercials, and trailers?  Yeah I pick those.  So this is right up my alley.  If there’s one rule/thought that I want you all to have it’s this…Pick the RIGHT song, not necessarily the one you want.  We all have our ideas of what we want as the goal song.  I’ve seen the tweets.  But when it’s laid out for you, sometimes it’s not what you had hoped.  I had my idea of what I wanted until I started this project and it changed 3 times.  I finally have my Number 1 choice.  So that’s why I did this.  So let’s start with three songs today.  Howl by The Gaslight Anthem, Light ‘Em Up by Fall Out Boy, and Burn It To The Ground by Nickelback.



Why should I choose this song?  The Gaslight Anthem is one of the fastest rising rock bands in the country today.  And best of all? They’re from New Jersey!  New Brunswick to be exact.  They’ve been tabbed by many as the “heir apparent” to Bruce Springsteen as “Kings of NJ Rock n Roll”.  I’m a big fan of theirs and I recommend you check them out.

Why should it be the goal song?  The beginning of the song has a long chorus of “eyyyyy”.  I want you to picture everyone singing that part and dancing as the Devils take first lead of the game, or get the game winner late.

Can I hear it? Howl


Why should I choose this song? Well for one thing, the song’s been absolutely everywhere in the sports landscape.  It was the theme song of the Stanley Cup Playoffs last season.  Now MLB is using it for their playoffs.  It’s a great sports song no doubt. Another reason is, musically, it sounds raucous.

Why should it be the goal song? If you were at The Rock on opening night or watched the coverage on MSG+, you would have heard this as the song the team came out to during introductions.  It sounds amazing on the PA system and the “ohhOHHH” part is great to sing along to.  It’s got great energy and gets you pumped and helps enhance the joy of when the Devils score.

Can I hear it? Light ‘Em Up   (credit: Another Devils fan did this cut and I liked the editing so much I didn’t touch it. So props to him)


Why should I choose this song? Ok yes, I know, Nickelback.  I’m not one of the people that hates the band because it’s the cool thing to do.  I’m also not a superfan by any means.  But this song is AMAZING.  It’s the one song by this band that I really really enjoy.  Especially in this setting and with the edits I made.  Also, back in 2009 it was used in the opening video for playoffs.  In case you need a reminder, here’s a link to that video.  I remember liking that song when I first heard it and then was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was Nickelback

Why should it be the goal song? I think it’s pretty evident why I think this should be the one.  We all kind of miss saying “Hey!” at the games.  Well this fills that void.  I also think it’s a happy middle ground of what the “powers that be” want from the fans and what the fans really want.  The organization is willing to meet us fans in the middle.  But it’s a two-way street.  I hope you all know what I’m getting at here.  But not only that, it also sounds AMAZING with the right sound system.

Can I hear it? Burn It To The Ground

So those are the first three songs I have chosen, in no particular order.  If you wanted me to choose between the three, I would go with Burn It To The Ground out of this group.  I really think it would be the best, loudest, and coolest choice for the most passionate fans in the NHL.  If you want to cheat, go ahead and check out the rest of the choices I have on my SoundCloud page.  I’ll be writing every day about my choices until I’ve hit every single one of them.  I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to vote for your favorite.


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  1. Bro hymn- pennywise is cool around the 45 second mark The beginning of throwdown by the phantoms isn’t bad either. My last choice would be na na na by my chemical romance. They’re a New Jersey band too.

  2. May I leave my handiwork here…

  3. Why hasn’t anyone else thought of the song by twister sister. I want to rock. Go to like 3:05 in the song. It’s a great back and forth and it ties into “the rock” theme.

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