Making The Case For A New Goal Song (Vol. 3)

Welcome to the final installment of our series where I suggest songs for you guys to choose for our new goal song.  You can check out the previous volumes here and here .  Now the Devils stole my thunder on Saturday as I was planning to use Seven Nation Army in this edition of the series.  But that was the first choice we fans have.  Choice number 2 will be this Thursday.  I liked Seven Nation Army a lot.  It sounded good, the fans got into it as the game went on, and it’s an easy song to chat along with.  Also, the version they used was going to be SO much better than mine.  So on the ego side of things, that worked out well.

So today I’ve got 3 final songs for you to check out.  Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance, Party Hard by Andrew WK, and Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore.


Why should I choose this song? They’re Jersey guys!  Yes, this is another band in this series from the great Garden State.  They’ve recently split up, sadly, but they’ve left us with some great tracks like this one.  I’ve seen this suggested by a lot of people on social media and it’s a decent choice.

Why should it be the goal song? This is a great song to sing along to.  It’s fairly easy to pick up and it’s annoying enough that it’s fun to do and it agitates the opponent as well.  A very full track as well with loud guitars and booming drums.  This is a very fun song and would be a very good choice.

Can I listen to it? Na Na Na 


Why should I choose this song? If you are at all aware of Andrew WK you know he is all about one thing…PARTYING!! His debut album, I Get Wet, sold millions of copies and became a hard rock party anthem CD during the early 2000s.  His lyrics are written by what could possibly be his 7 year old nephew, but that doesn’t detract the awesomeness that is Mr. WK.  And this song is the perfect representation of the feeling when the Devils score a goal and the party that should accompany it.

Why should it be the goal song? Because when the Devils score, we will party hard.  Plus it’s got a good chanting section.  You can replace the “party hard” repeats with “hey”.

Can I listen to it? Party Hard


Why should I choose this song? This is one of the biggest songs of the year by one of the hottest hip-hop acts out there today.  It’s a really fun track that gets everyone in a good mood no matter when it’s played.  This is something that the crowd can really get behind.

Why should it be the goal song? This is chanty AND clappy song along with it be being a fun track to dance along to.  The hands up part is something I can really see the fans at The Rock getting into after a big goal.

Can I listen to it? Can’t Hold Us 

So there you have it.  I’ve been able to highlight 9 choices for our new goal song.  There are more on my soundcloud page if you click on my name above the track name on the top left.  This has been a really fun project for me and I hope you enjoyed listening to some of the choice.  Don’t forget to vote on your favorites on the web site.  And just like Indiana Jones….choose….wisely.


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  1. Hello.First of all I have to say that I’m a huge huge Devils fan from Chicago for many years the mid 80’s in fact and there’s nothing like watching my Devils play.Out of all 3 songs I would have to say Party hard is my first choice,and second would be can’t hold us.The first song na na na sucks!!!! Please don’t pick that song!!!! Go Devils!!!!!!!

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