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Thank you for visiting the Devils Army Blog and taking a chance to get to know the Devils Army Generals. The Generals serve as the voice of the fans from inside the organization of the New Jersey Devils.

Fans keep asking us more and more about the members of the Devils Army Generals program. We are a group of Devils fans, recruited by the New Jersey Devils, working hard to bring you fun and relevant news and information.  We are all highly active online with our own social media platforms as well as a group Twitter handle, @DevilsGenerals, and want to include all of the Devils Army in provided feedback, bringing new ideas, and sharing our experiences with the New Jersey Devils.

The Devils Army Generals @DevilsGenerals


yson W. @meowllyson
North Brunswick, NJ
vorite Player: Scott Niedermayer
Greatest Devils Moment:
Watching the Devils win their first Stanley Cup live and seeing all of the Devils crying. BEST MOMENT EVER.

Carlos F.
Kearny, NJ
Favorite Player:
Scott Stevens
Greatest Devils Moment:
1995, Game 4. (I snuck in)
If I Could Be Any Super Hero, I Would Be:

Chrissy B.
Hometown: Elizabeth, NJ
Favorite Player:
  Adam Henrique holds a special place in my heart.
Greatest Devils Moment:
Making fun of my boyfriend with Martin Brodeur.
If I Could Be Any Super Hero, I Would Be:
Elastigirl, I want to stretch myself taller than five feet.

Dan F.
Yonkers, NY
Favorite Player:
Martin Brodeur
Greatest Devils Moment:
Elias’ shootout goal which knocked the water bottle off the net to win the game…against the Rangers!
Best Devils Souvenir:
Martin Brodeur Jersey

Doug T.
: Westfield, NJ
Favorite Player:
David Clarkson
Interesting Fact About Me:
My father is a Rangers fan, my mother is a Bruins fan. It’s a pure miracle that I turned out to be a Devils fan!

Kevin L.
Edison, NJ.
Greatest Devils Moment:
Witnessing Martin Brodeur’s 552nd win.
If I Could Be Any Action Hero, I Would Be:
The Green Power Ranger
Favorite NJ Landmark:
Quick Stop Groceries

Kim S.
Brick, NJ
Favorite Player:
Dainius Zubrus
Best Devils Souvenir:
A puck given to me by Mark Fraser during a pre-season warm up and a photograph of Dainius Zubrus addressed to “The Crazy Lithuanian” (my dad!)
If I Could Be Any Action Hero I Would Be:
She-Ra. You just can’t beat being teamed up with a Flying Unicorn.

Seth P.
Maplewood, NJ
Devils Fan Since:
Best Devils Souvenir:
My Scott Stevens signed puck
If I Were A Superhero, My Theme Song Would Be:
I Believe I Can Fly.

Steve B.
Union, NJ
Favorite Player:
Nick Palmieri
Greatest Devils Moment:
Being at the Stanley Cup Final Game 7 in 2003 with my Dad.
If I Were A Super Hero, My Theme Song Would be:
Superman by Goldfinger

Tim J.
North Arlington
Favorite Player:
Zach Parise
Greatest Devils Moment:
2003 Stanley Cup Championship, Game 7.


Devils Army General: MIA^AM
Andrew M. 
Hometown: Livingston, NJ
Best Devils Moment:
 Martin Brodeur’s 552nd win

Devils Army Generals, Edward F.
Edward F. 
Hometown: Howell, NJ
Favorite Player: David Clarkson
Greatest Devils Moment: Martin Brodeur scoring his first goal against the Montreal Canadiens
If I Could Be Any Super Hero, I Would Be: Captain Marvel … SHAAZAM!

Devils Army Generals, Jonathan W.^JW
Jonathan W. @ProducerJon
Hometown: Union, NJ
Favorite Player: Claude Lemieux
Best Devils Souvenir: My dad’s old goalie gloves, signed by almost a dozen players from Cam Janssen to Chico Resch.
If I Could Be Any Action Hero, I Would Be: 1980s Kurt Russell (he might as well be a real action hero)
Greatest Devils Moment:  Scott Stevens… “You’re next.”

Devils Army Generals, Kevin M.
Kevin M. @kmart890
Hometown: Toms River, NJ
Devils Fan Since: As long as I can remember
Favorite Players: Brodeur, Elias, Stevens
Greatest Devils Moment: JUST making the cutoff for the Ken Daneyko signing when he brought the Stanley Cup to Point Pleasant the summer of 2003.

Devils Army Generals, Marcelo A.
Marcelo M. @celoz0828
Hometown: Orange, NJ
Favorite Player: Patrik Elias
Greatest Devils Moment: Watching the Game 6 OT game vs. the Rangers with my 5 year old nephew.
Best Devils Souvenir: Authentic Kovalchuk Jersey signed by the team.

Devils Army Generals, Rudy A.

Rudy A. @radametz
Hometown: Edison, NJ
Devils Fan Since : April 12, 1988
Favorite Devils Souvenir: My customized retro jersey that now has 10 Devils autographs, with more to come.
If I Could Be Any Action Hero I’d Be: Iron Man – Engineer, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist

Devils Army Generals, Tim C.

Tim C. @fullmetal2405
Hometown: Edison, NJ
Favorite Player: Martin Brodeur
Greatest Devils Moment: 2000 Cup win. That was the first year I played hockey and it really got me into the sport and got Devils Red and Black pumping through my veins (I mean the red was already there, but STILL). Henrique’s OT winner has to be right up there, too.
If I could Be Any Superhero, I would be: Toolshed. FEAR MY SAFETY GOGGLES.

Devils Army Generals, Jen T.

Jen T. @jenwrite
Hometown: Garwood, NJ
Favorite Player: Scott Stevens
Devils Fan Since: Attending my first Devils game in person in 1994.
Favorite Devils Moment: Being at the Rock for Henrique’s OT goal in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the New York Rangers

Devils Army Generals, Kathie J.

Kathie RJ. @8PMReservation
Hometown: Morristown, NJ
Favorite Player: I’m a Hockey Mom so just like my kids, I can’t pick a favorite.
Greatest Devils Moment: Being at the Rock for the Eastern Conference Finals/Game 6 against the Rangers. Magic! 

  1. How do you become a general? I have followed these guys since 1987 and would love to help in any way.

  2. Agreed. Give me a job as a General. Been playing hockey and following the Devils my whole life. Favorite moment for me was being at the playoff game when Marty scored his 1st goal against the Habs.

  3. Agree^^^ I want to know how to become a general as well, for as long as I can remember I have been a huge Devils fan and would love to write about events and the team in general.

  4. SwissDevilsFan

    Dear General’s team

    Had we started the season someone said that the Devils make it to the finals, we would, I think probably all just shake their heads. And now today, we’re all a little disappointed that it did not quite make it. I am proud of the accomplishments of our team.

    I am a Devils fan from Switzerland (47 years young 🙂 and follow the games via ESPN America and some great websites.

    A web site stands out because of course! It is the Devils Army Blog! You are doing a great job. Her provides sound, objective, and is also in difficult situations the right words!

    But I would like the entire Army team to thank. Keep it up … 😉


    Best regards from Switzerland

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