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Oscar Roadtrip: Behind The Scenes

Oscars Roadtrip, Devils DancersFollowing up from my previous post about being behind the scenes at the Prudential Center, we were lucky enough to play host to a very special guest February 4th, 2013. Everyone that traveled with him called him Oscar, but most people know him as the Academy Award, and the Rock was just one of the stops on a brand new venture being called the Oscar Roadtrip.

The award show aired Sunday night, but for 20 long days leading up the big show Ben Gleib and Angie Greenup would drive across the country in an RV with an actual Oscar filming bits for the Oscar Roadtrip. The second day of the trip was the best day in my opinion, but I’m a little biased because that was the day I got to see Oscar in Newark New Jersey. And it happened to be a Devils v. Rangers match up on top of that, because we all know how exciting those games are. Maybe I even stole a picture with him real quick, but I couldn’t get any information out of the little guy about who’s winning any awards this year so don’t bother asking me either!

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Hard At Work Behind The Scenes

Before I became involved with the organization as a Devil’s Army General, I really didn’t think much about the behind the scenes aspects of running a hockey club. You see the players and coaches on the bench, you can watch the Zamboni crew between periods, you hear about general manager’s making roster changes, and maybe even the owner or president will pop in and out of TV broadcasts and press releases. The truth is there is an unbelievable amount of people behind the scenes, often doing the work of even more people that I never even imagined as a fan.

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This is Our Team, Our Town Devils Army

Devils Army 2012 Eastern Conference Finals

Photo Credit: New Jersey Devils

For the fifth time in franchise history the New Jersey Devils will be playing in the Stanley Cup Finals. I was fortunate enough to be at Game 7 of 2003 when the Devils won their most recent championship. I stood next to my Dad as the seconds ticked down and Gary Bettman walked out, grabbed Lord Stanley’s Cup and handed it off to Scott Stevens. If you ask me what my best Devils’ memory is, well without a doubt, it’s that game. Now, when you ask my father, he’s often quick to say watching me watching the Devils win the Cup. That always resonated with me.

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Hockey, Rats, and Bowties… What?

Serendipity. No, I don’t mean a dessert stop across the river or a John Cusack movie. Literally, it’s a happy accident, two seeming unrelated things that combined into one funny occurrence – and that, Devils fans, is what happened to me recently.

You see, the Devils digital marketing director @WillCarafello decided to a wear a bowtie for good luck to Game 4 of the Devils playoff series against the Florida Panthers. I’ve been informed it was more likely that Mrs. Carafello made this executive decision, but what a choice it was because on that Thursday night last week Will’s bowtie saw the Devils blank the Panthers four nothing. I had told him on the concourse of the Prudential Center before the puck dropped that if we won I would also don the bowtie of luck for Game 6. Being a man of my word, my bowtie made the trip to the Rock last night.

In a completely unrelated storyline the now infamous President of the Panthers, Mr. @PanthersYormark, decided to get into some internet altercations with several Devils fans after accusing the Devils Army of throwing rats in Florida. One of these fans was a Devils General (@cj255devs) who he told to “get off twitter” and he went calling out other members of the Devils Army – which include the now heavily followed and suite connoisseur @LaurenAshley07. For more information about that story, check out’s article on it.

I truly believe that the Devils showed who the classier organization is throughout this whole interaction. And it’s only natural that the old-fashion classy gentlemen showed up in bowties.


Ahh, sweet serendipity arrives! The happy accident that Will and I planned on wearing bowties for good luck at the same time we needed to show a little extra class. So when you’re thinking about a silly rallying point for Game 7 and beyond we’re encouraging everyone to class it up. Come out to the Devils Viewing Party at the Rock with a bowtie and a jersey, and stay classy New Jersey.

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