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What’s In A Game: Interview with PA Announcer Kevin Clark

KevinClark“And now, here they are…your NEW…JERSEEEEEEEYYYY DEVILS!”

If you’ve ever been to The Prudential Center for a Devils home game, I bet you didn’t just read that sentence. You heard that loud and clear in your head, in the voice of the one and only Kevin Clark! He has been our PA Announcer since 2007, and the job couldn’t have gone to a more enthusiastic and dedicated man.

Like many people, Kevin played sports when he was growing up. When it became evident he was not going to become a professional athlete, he wanted to find other ways to stay involved in sports. So, he did some announcing for his local football team, and began a career as a sports artist. In 1999, while doing artwork for the (now defunct) New Jersey Cardinals, he noticed an opening for PA Announcer on their website. He applied for the job and the team gave him a shot! For two seasons, Kevin took the two hour drive to and from his home to their games. His professional career was off to a great start.

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Food Around the Pru

Garlic Fries, Prudential Center

Garlic fries with a tequila & tonic in the Goal Bar

It’s only May, but I already miss being at The Prudential Center with my friends, watching my favorite team take the ice. Silly as it sounds, thinking of hockey got me thinking of my game day rituals, which got me thinking about my favorite food and treats inside the Prudential Center. It also reminded me of some of the great places that surround The Rock that my friends and I would meet prior to or after games and hang out.

On game days, it’s hard for me to resist the BBQ pulled pork sandwich, which comes with fresh, home made chips, cole slaw and a pickle. It’s my absolute favorite thing to treat myself to at Prudential Center. As for places to hang out, I’ve occasionally met friends at the Edison Ale House, located just behind Championship Plaza. The last time I was there, I enjoyed a plate of their Chili Cheese Fries, which I definitely recommend sharing with a friend! The portion was gigantic (and delicious).

To spice things up and show the great variety surrounding our home arena, I asked my fellow Generals to share their favorite treats and meeting places, too. I’ve learned about a few new places from them that I think I have to go visit. This is what they had to say:
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Q&A with Bruce Driver

Bruce_DriverIn case you missed it, the Devils aired a great question and answer session on Spreecast with Bruce Driver! This was the first in a series featuring our alumni, hosted by Seth Everett.

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about our team history and interact with our alumni, then you won’t be disappointed if you can log on for one of these sessions. Read the rest of this entry

Player Appreciation Night – Thursday, April 25th

One of the things I have always loved is hearing players say in their post game interviews how much they appreciate the support of their fans. Whenever one of the guys comes out and says they hear us cheering, it makes me feel like all the time spent at the arena, all the days I lost my voice, or clapped until my arms were sore was worth it.

So, even though Thursday, April 25th against the Penguins is “Fan Appreciation Night”, I thought it would be fun for us fans to make it a “Player Appreciation Night.” I know our fans are dedicated. I know that we will stand by these guys win or lose. For one night, I thought it would be amazing to show everyone on the ice, everyone watching on TV, everyone everywhere that we mean it.


A few weeks back I made a simple sign.

We <3 New Jersey Devils

A fellow fan and friend of mine really enjoyed it, and made the same exact sign to take with her to a road game. Which got me thinking how fun it would be to see that simple statement repeated throughout the entire stadium. What kind of impression would THAT give our players?

So, I invite everyone who wants to participate to copy this design and bring it to the game on Thursday, April 25. Let’s show, not just our team, but ALL of the NHL why the New Jersey Devils have the BEST fans in all of hockey!

We’ll see you at the Digital Zone

Being one of those people who is probably too honest for her own good, I’m not going to lie. The lockout really upset me. I was mad. Beside myself mad. I was at the point where I was hoping they’d just write off the whole season and let me get on with my life. BUT, being who I am and how big of a fan I am… of course I was first in line to get my tickets to opening night! I couldn’t WAIT to get back to The Rock!

Digital Zone First Intermission Meet Up

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Taking Our Talents to Albany

As some of you who follow us on Twitter know, I had the privilege of attending the Albany Devils home game on Friday, October 19th. We watched as our AHL Devils took on the Syracuse Crunch (the Tampa Bay Lightning farm team). It was an exciting road trip for me, having never been to the Times Union Center in Albany AND having never attended an AHL game before.

What was interesting about being in Albany is that it is very much like being at an NHL Devils game. Much of the arena culture is just like being home, but on a smaller scale. For instance, the team used many of the same warm up songs that we do at home and when a goal is scored by the A-Devils, the song is also Rock and Roll Part II (or the “Hey Song” as some would call it). For those curious, yes, some of the home fans use the same chant following the song that the crowd does in Newark.

Albany Devils Timeout


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