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Food Around the Pru

Garlic Fries, Prudential Center

Garlic fries with a tequila & tonic in the Goal Bar

It’s only May, but I already miss being at The Prudential Center with my friends, watching my favorite team take the ice. Silly as it sounds, thinking of hockey got me thinking of my game day rituals, which got me thinking about my favorite food and treats inside the Prudential Center. It also reminded me of some of the great places that surround The Rock that my friends and I would meet prior to or after games and hang out.

On game days, it’s hard for me to resist the BBQ pulled pork sandwich, which comes with fresh, home made chips, cole slaw and a pickle. It’s my absolute favorite thing to treat myself to at Prudential Center. As for places to hang out, I’ve occasionally met friends at the Edison Ale House, located just behind Championship Plaza. The last time I was there, I enjoyed a plate of their Chili Cheese Fries, which I definitely recommend sharing with a friend! The portion was gigantic (and delicious).

To spice things up and show the great variety surrounding our home arena, I asked my fellow Generals to share their favorite treats and meeting places, too. I’ve learned about a few new places from them that I think I have to go visit. This is what they had to say:
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Taking My Time – Edison Ale House

Edison Ale House“I’m late / I’m late / For a very important date. / No time to say “Hello, Goodbye”. / I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.” Lately, I cannot seem to get the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland out of my head. Every day I rush; to get here-to get there. Well, that was the case until I had in my hands two lower level tickets to the first Devils vs Rangers game since the infamous call of, “Henrique!!! It’s Over.”

I made it a priority to arrive at the Prudential Center early and arrived around 4:00 p.m., yep, even got there before the Devil Dancers. To my surprise the parking lot was already half-full, and the party seemed to have already started without me. In a parked car were Ranger fans relishing in libations of the hoppy kind (little did they know they would be drowning their sorrows later). First, on my pre-game itinerary was to hit the Devils Den and enjoy shopping without the crowds. I was able to check out each section of the store at my own pace and happily paid for my items without wait.

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Season Ticket Holder “Greet n’ Eat” Tonight!

Viewing Party at Edison Ale HouseI’m not sure about all of you, but I know that life without hockey is rough.  The New Jersey Devils have been doing their best for their season ticket holders with weekly fan giveaways, a chance to get your pictures taken at the Rock for the Holidays and tonight, the first ever “Greet n’ Eat” get together.

Starting at 7pm tonight, the season ticket holders get the opportunity to enjoy free food, raffles prizes, autographs and more.  Rumor has it the Devils have added a new alumni to the list and you’ll be able to meet him tonight!  The event kicks off at the PNC Tower and then you have the opportunity to visit some of the local restaurants that Newark has to offer.  You can stay at one location, or you can “crawl” from place to place.  Participating restaurants include: Edison Ale House, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Loft 47, and Brick City Bar and Grill.

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen everyone (almost 6 months), and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!

Feeding An Army: Hell’s Kitchen Lounge

Hell's Kitchen LoungeAlright Devils Army – here’s the first installment of Feeding an Army, a series of posts where “Cowbell” Steve and “Crazy” Jaime (me!) give you the breakdown on the various restaurants located around the Prudential Center area for your pre-game and post-game meals!

Our first adventure began on Saturday, October 8th which was the night of the Devils home opener, when we hit up Hell’s Kitchen Lounge for some pre-game festivities. Our group started arriving around 3PM and there was already a decent showing, but by 4PM the place was packed with Devils fans – inside and out! As will always be the case, Hell’s Kitchen was not aware of what we were doing, and we received no special treatment whatsoever and paid for our food and drinks out of our own pockets.

But enough about the fans, what about the food? Well, we started off with appetizers of course, Steve ordered the hummus with flat bread (we recommend the extra flat bread option… you’ll thank us later!) and I ordered some buffalo wings that were, as you would expect, HOT! These are two of our favorite dishes at Hell’s and there is usually not a night that goes by where we don’t order them. It’s a nice little “hold me over” before your dinner and enough to share for a whole group.

Hell's Kitchen Lounge, BurgerMoving on to dinner, we’ve both eaten a lot of burgers in our lives, but I always say that Hell’s Kitchen has some of the best I’ve ever tasted. The Brick City Burger is my personal favorite, and how can you go wrong with a half pound of beef, cheese, chorizo, onion rings & their signature meat spackle? It definitely hits home with that “Taste of Newark” feel, but that’s just one of their many burgers and sandwiches. In addition to the Brick City burger, they also offer the Guinness Burger with marbled Guinness bacon and cheddar (YUMMY!) and the Taylor Ham & Cheese Burger… talk about the New Jersey attitude! Let’s not start the taylor ham versus pork roll debate though (we all know it’s TAYLOR HAM)!

Steve decided to choose one of Hell’s Kitchen other options and ordered the Chorizo Sandwich, which gives you great big slices of grilled chorizo on a locally baked Portuguese roll along with peppers and onions and a side of fries. You can also substitute sweet potato fries on any of their dishes, which we both have a preference for. You cannot go wrong with any of these choices, as neither of us has ever had a bad burger or sandwich at Hell’s Kitchen. In fact, I think that each is better than the previous. I know your mouth is now watering and you’re trying to figure out just how fast you can get down there!

Hell’s Kitchen offers beer towers and as well as a variety of bottled beer and beer on tap. They also have other alcoholic beverages available, as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Don’t forget their specialty drinks either, my two personal favorites being “Lucifer’s Lemonade” and “Angels and Demons”. Please just remember to drink responsibly!

Hell's Kitchen Lounge, CrowdHell’s Kitchen has an eclectic atmosphere and 1950’s era style where Las Vegas meets the traditional pub. On game nights they open up their doors to a couple hundred hockey fans of all ages, but on non-game nights they’re a little more adventurous. Check out their website for more details!



Where: 150 Lafayette Street
Distance from The Rock: .3 miles (6 min – walking)
Distance from Newark Penn Station: .3 miles
Recommendation: Make Reservations on Game Nights, Check their schedule for fun on Devils’ off-nights.

Don’t forget to tell us about YOUR favorite spot: @DevilsGenerals, @CowbellSteve, @cj225devs

Feeding An Army: Stay tuned!

Fans at McGoverns

You’re getting ready to go to a Devils game and you’re wondering, “Where can I go eat or have a drink before the game?” Well, look no further than the Devils Army Blog!

With the new season just around the corner, we’re going to tour the city of Newark and blog about local spots that you can visit before heading over to the game. We’re going to feature one or two a month, maybe more depending on how many we can come up with. We have a few ideas of our own, but we’d love to hear from the fans on places we should visit. If you have a place in mind let us know through the blog, TwitterFacebook or even email us!

First stop, Hell’s Kitchen Lounge!

When: October 8th, 2011 (Opening Night!)
Where: 150 Lafayette Street
Distance from The Rock: .3 miles

*We’re doing this out of the goodness of our hearts and our bellies. We are not advertising for, being sponsored by or accepting free meals from any of these locations.

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