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Stanley Cup Final Game 4 Preview: Devils Need to Give Everything They’ve Got

2012 Stanley Cup Finals, New Jersey Devils vs LA KingsStanley Cup Final – Game 4

Game Time: 8:00 PM


Radio: Bloomberg 1130 AM

Writing this preview for Game 4 is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to do this season.  Where to even begin?  Well let’s start with the obvious, the Devils are down 3-0 in the series and must win at least one game in order to avoid being swept for the first time in franchise history AND for us to be able to see one more game at The Rock this season. It’s not impossible to do, but it’s definitely one of those moments where the team needs to put everything on the line and play their hearts out.

Last game, the Devils came out like a house on fire, yet still couldn’t get anything past Jonathan Quick. The turning point came on a 5-on-3 power play where Quick stopped shot after shot to keep the Devils off the board.  Finally, on one fluky play that lead to the first goal of the game, LA was on the board and never looked back, rolling to a 4-0 victory. The Devils need to throw everything they’ve got at Quick tonight, even if that includes the kitchen sink!

It looks like Coach DeBoer has decided to shake up the line-up a bit, benching Jacob Josefson and putting in veteran Petr Sykora. Will Sykora be able to propel this team to the next level and bring the series back home? We’ll see if he can give the team a little bit of boost when they step out onto the ice tonight.

Someone needs to emerge as the hero tonight; I don’t care who it is. All I’m asking is that the Devils put everything they’ve got into tonight’s game.  They went from 4th Overall Draft pick and not making the playoffs, to the Stanley Cup Finals in one season.  No matter what happens, this has been a great season and I am proud of what this team has accomplished, but I’m not quite ready for it to end just yet.  I still have hope and I’m still believin’!



Devils Projected Line-up:

Parise – Zajac – Kovalchuk

Sykora – Elias – Zubrus

Ponikarovsky – Henrique – Clarkson

Carter – Gionta – Bernier

Greene – Fayne

Salvador – Zidlicky

Volchenkov – Tallinder



Kings Projected Line-up:

Brown – Kopitar – Williams

Penner – Richards – Carter

King – Stoll – Lewis

Gagne – Fraser – Nolan

Scuderi – Doughty

Mitchell – Voynov

Martinez – Greene




Senators place wager, celebrate with Hockey in Newark

Senators Lautenberg and Menendez with Hockey in Newark people. Photo credit: Rich Graessle

Twitter battles: they’ve taken over the Stanley Cup Playoffs. From  Los Angeles Kings dominating the social media sphere to Senators from New York and New Jersey placing a bet, social media is proving to be the go-to form of communication.

Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (@FrankLautenberg) and Senator Robert Menendez (@SenatorMenendez) teamed up and made a pizza bet with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (@SenGillibrand) and Senator Charles Schumer (@ChuckSchumer) based on the outcome of the New Jersey Devils versus New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

In the midst of the hockey madness in Newark, Senators Menendez and Lautenberg invited Hockey in Newark, a youth hockey program, to join them at Prudential Center to enjoy some delicious pizza. Read the rest of this entry

Stanley Cup Finals Game 1: Devils Looking to Take Advantage of Home Ice

2012 Stanley Cup Finals, New Jersey Devils vs LA Kings

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round 4
Los Angeles Kings at New Jersey Devils
8:00 P.M. ET
Radio: Bloomberg 1130 AM

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals begins tonight at 8pm and it’s our New Jersey Devils vs. the Los Angeles Kings…yes, let that sink in, re-read it again if you need to.  After defeating the Florida Panthers in 7 games, the Philadelphia Flyers in 5 games and the New York Rangers in 6 games, our New Jersey Devils are playing in the Stanley Cup Finals!!

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Eastern Conference Finals Game 6 Preview: Devils Ready to Make Their Own History

2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round 3
New York Rangers at New Jersey Devils
8:00 P.M. ET
Radio: Bloomberg 1130 AM

If you told me last year that the New Jersey Devils would be one win away from advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals, I would have told you that you were crazy.  Fast forward one year and here we are, one win away from the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 2003.  To say this isn’t a big deal is an understatement. This is HUGE for this franchise!

If you remember correctly, the last two games I’ve called out Zach Parise and Patrik Elias and they both decided to show up. Parise has five points in his last two games and Elias scored a goal on Wednesday so while we’ll be looking for those two players to continue to step it up, it’s now time for Ilya Kovalchuk to come through.

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Eastern Conference Finals Game 5 Preview: Devils Looking to Dominate at MSG Tonight

2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round 3
New Jersey Devils at New York Rangers
8:00 P.M. ET
Radio: WFAN 660AM

Tonight is the night that one team will be one game closer to the Stanley Cup Finals. It’s the pivotal Game 5.  So far in the playoffs, the Devils and Rangers are 1-1 in Game 5’s.  Who will come out victorious tonight?

The Devils completely dominated the Rangers from start to finish in Game 4.  Scoring early on in the 1st period was Bryce Salvador, a defenseman, who has more points in the postseason than he did in the regular season. This is something that the Devils, especially the defense, need to keep doing. Shooting from the point, getting in the face of Henrik Lundqvist, not letting the Rangers block shots and scoring the first goal are some key’s to tonight’s game.

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How to Survive a Playoff Series When You’re in an Inter-Rival Relationship

Devils / RangersFor those of you who don’t know, I’m married to a Rangers fan…phew that felt good to get off my chest! Don’t hate me…he proposed on our practice rink, NJ Devil showed up at our wedding, and he’s used to seeing the Red & Black EVERYWHERE!  We had just started dating in 2008, so this upcoming series is a path down familiar territory (albeit hoping for a different outcome), but our first since being married and living under the same roof!

Many of you have gone through this torture before. Yankees and Red Sox. Canadiens and Bruins. Giants and Cowboys. Bet you never thought of this when you started dating, or even married, that cute girl in the enemy’s colors, or that handsome dude wearing the jersey of the “bad guys”. But yes, the time eventually comes when you and the love of your life (die hard sports fans for your beloved teams) must draw lines in the sand, and deal with the horrible reality of a playoff series against each other.

This type of thing should not be taken lightly. Rival playoff series lead to trash talking, fights in the stands and most importantly, arguments amongst loved ones, which could lead to one of you sleeping on the couch. This could also lead to a very long 2 weeks over the course of a grueling 7 game series.

Are you wondering how you can avoid all of this and just enjoy the series?  Well, fear not! We are here with the top 10 ways for both of you to enjoy a potential 7 game war, root for your team, and still get your fill of mindless trash talking that you shouldn’t be spewing after a bad loss, or better yet…rubbing a victory in someone’s face!

10 Tips to Surviving a Playoff Series When Your Significant Other Roots for Your Most Bitter Rival

Tip #1: Say “I love you” as many times as you can throughout the day. This cannot be stated enough. There are going to be times during the 60 minutes (or more) of the game that you might not WANT to say it as your team may be losing, but remember, this is just a sporting event, your relationship is more important.  Remember to also say it after the game is over.

Tip #2: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT touch ANY paraphernalia that may have the opposing teams colors on it, for two reasons. Number 1, you don’t want to jinx yourself and number 2, you don’t want to upset your significant other who believes that superstitions work (they do, I swear to you, they do).

Tip #3: Brown nosing can come in handy!  Yes, if you notice that something needs to be done around the house, just do it. It can only lead to good things, despite the outcome of the game.

Tip #4: Don’t be over zealous when cheering on your team if you happen to be watching the game together.  Cheer when your team scores, clap if your team wins, but keep the hooting and hollering to a minimum.  Save that for when you speak to your friends, they’ll appreciate it more.

Tip #5: Place a small little bet on the series, but nothing ridiculous, just a little fun. For example, Tony and I have decided that the loser has to don the winner’s colors (jersey/hat), a picture must be taken and it must be used as a profile picture on Twitter, Facebook and the hockey forum that we post on for 24 hours, no more!

Tip #6: Try to avoid your own commentating during the game. If there is something that ticks you off, rant on social media (or via text) to your fellow fans, not to your significant other. That will only lead to anger on their end and who wants to deal with that?

Tip #7: Did I mention saying “I LOVE YOU”?!?  I’m telling you…It’s extremely important. Before, during and AFTER the game.

Tip #8: If you notice your spouse ranting about your team on any form of social media (Facebook, Twitter or forums), do your best to avoid commenting at ALL costs. This will help ensure that both of you sleep in the same bed and not one of you on the couch.

Tip #9: If your spouse is really ticked after a bad loss….GIVE. THEM. THEIR. SPACE.

Tip #10: Be compassionate to THEM if your team emerges victorious in the series. Celebrate with your friends, trash talk to your co-workers, but try and be nice to them. If you’re the guy…flowers go a LONG way…if you’re the girl, his favorite meal and a beer when he gets home from work the day after will take some of the sting away from this crushing defeat.

Bonus Tip: Gloating in front of your significant other is STRONGLY discouraged.  While you may want to and feel that you’ve earned that right, it’s not a good idea. Whoever loses may need a few days to get over the loss, but the winner doing their part to let them know that you still love them will help ease the pain. Give it a few days, then gloat just a little…I’m sure at that point, they’ll at least crack a smile…we hope!

While these tips are not fool proof, they can only help when dealing with the stress of a rival playoff series.  We have decided to try and live by these rules to keep the anger and anxiety levels to a minimum. We know that seems impossible, but it’s worth a shot. Just remember, it’s a sporting event, your relationship should not be decided by the outcome of the game!

Are you in an Inter-Rival relationship right now?  Do you have any advice for others going through this? Feel free to share them with us as we begin our Eastern Conference Finals match-up against the Rangers.


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