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Making The Case For A New Goal Song (Vol. 3)

Welcome to the final installment of our series where I suggest songs for you guys to choose for our new goal song.  You can check out the previous volumes here and here .  Now the Devils stole my thunder on Saturday as I was planning to use Seven Nation Army in this edition of the series.  But that was the first choice we fans have.  Choice number 2 will be this Thursday.  I liked Seven Nation Army a lot.  It sounded good, the fans got into it as the game went on, and it’s an easy song to chat along with.  Also, the version they used was going to be SO much better than mine.  So on the ego side of things, that worked out well.

So today I’ve got 3 final songs for you to check out.  Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance, Party Hard by Andrew WK, and Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore. Read the rest of this entry


Making The Case For A New Goal Song (Vol. 2)

I’m sure you’ve all heard the Devils are letting you pick the new goal song.  There are so many choices available.  So your friendly neighborhood General Tim here would like to help you in making that decision.  Be sure to check out Volume 1 for tips on helping you make your choice.

So today’s choices are going to be Bro Hymn by Pennywise, Hell Yeahh by Rev Theory, and Uprising by Muse.

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Making The Case For A New Goal Song (Vol. 1)

So the Devils organization has decided to let the fans choose the next goal song.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to let your voice heard (AGAIN!) and choose what YOU fans want to yell, cheer, sing along to, etc.  Now there are a lot of good choices out there.  So how do you pick and choose what is the right one?

Well your good friend Tim has the answer for you.  I have cut the Devils goal horn with numerous songs that I have seen mentioned on social media and message boards and also taken a few suggestions from my own brain.  Some you may find good. Some you may find terrible.  It’s all subjective.  But over the next few days I will be singling out a few of these songs and stating my case for why a certain song works.

Now when I’m not blogging for all of you fine folks out here on the intertubes, I have a career in music licensing.  You know those songs that you hear in TV shows, movies, commercials, and trailers?  Yeah I pick those.  So this is right up my alley.  If there’s one rule/thought that I want you all to have it’s this…Pick the RIGHT song, not necessarily the one you want.  We all have our ideas of what we want as the goal song.  I’ve seen the tweets.  But when it’s laid out for you, sometimes it’s not what you had hoped.  I had my idea of what I wanted until I started this project and it changed 3 times.  I finally have my Number 1 choice.  So that’s why I did this.  So let’s start with three songs today.  Howl by The Gaslight Anthem, Light ‘Em Up by Fall Out Boy, and Burn It To The Ground by Nickelback.


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Help The Devils Choose Their New Goal Song!

New Jersey Devils Goal Song

Hey Devils fans! Want a chance to help your team choose their new goal song? The Devils have released an official statement, stating they are currently holding an online contest to choose the new song that’ll be played when your team scores at the Prudential Center. Entries will be accepted from now until October 27. The winning goal song will be debuted on November 2 against our Metropolitan Division rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers. Fans can submit original songs, or published songs recorded by a popular artist, such as “Hells Bells” by AC/DC. Official contest rules can be found here.

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Game 5: New Jersey Devils vs. Calgary Flames

New Jersey Devils vs Calgary Flames
New Jersey Devils 
(0-1-3, 3 points) vs Calgary Flames (2-0-2, 6 points)
9:00 PM EST
Radio: WFAN 101.9 FM & 660 AM


The Devils will play their first game against the Flames since January 11, 2012, which saw the Flames overtake the Devils 6-4 after a four goal first period. The two teams will meet once again on April 7, 2014.

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Game 3: New Jersey Devils at Edmonton Oilers

New Jersey Devils vs Edmonton Oilers
Start Time:
 9:30 PM
TV: MSG-Plus
Radio: 660 WFAN AM, 101.9 FM


Your New Jersey Devils (0-1-1) and Edmonton Oilers (0-2-0) will both be looking for their first win of the season Monday night when they drop the puck in Edmonton. This will be the first time the Devils and Oilers have played each other since January 11, 2012 (NJD 2- 1 EDM, OT). The game will be the first of five in a Canadian road trip for the Devils, where they’ll take on the Oilers, Canucks, Flames, Jets, and Senators all within 10 days.

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